Thursday, November 5, 2009

St Johns Cathedral

St. John’s Cathedral is one of the few examples in the new world of classic gothic architecture, and one of the finest. Visitors come here from all parts of the world to see, worship, wonder, meditate and pray. The carvings in stone and wood and the figures in the stained glass include symbols of many faiths, making the Cathedral a “house of prayer for all people.” All are welcome here.

The Cathedral was begun in 1925 and completed in less than a generation. It is the sucessor to All Saints Cathedral, which stood in downtown Spokane, and is the fulfillment of the dream of the Right Reverend Edward Makin Cross, Third Bishop of Spokane.

  The Rose Window

                                 The Rose Window from Inside

                                         Inside St John's

                              I played a little with these 2 pics.

                                            The Pulpit

  Finally, my attempt at a few HDR versions of the Altar in the Cathedral.
                                           Black & White HDR

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  1. My goodness, very beautiful. I always love the pictures to be black and white because it looks mysterious, especially these pictures above.
    I have a friend who loves to take pictures there in Spokane. His name is Tim jones spokane.